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BE CHARLOTTE (Doors 7pm)
Tuesday 24th October 2017

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Be Charlotte - Drawing Windows, Machines That Breathe, People.

Be Charlotte is all about the damn good vibes.
She manages to capture the essence of modern day catchy pop yet is the furthest thing from frivolous or throwaway.
The pastel haired, bespectacled Dundee teenager is a delightful breath of fresh air carving out soulful moments and never wavers in her momentum.

“The thing that’s always the same with my writing is that I always want the songs to be authentic,” explains Charlotte Brimner. “About real things; things that are real to me, but that can also be real to other people.” It’s an admirable mission statement for any musician who genuinely cares about their craft; in Brimner’s case, it’s a creative vision that’s even more prescient given the teenager’s relative newcomer status. As the vivacious, unique and refreshingly original Be Charlotte, the talented Brimner is poised on the cusp of a big-time breakthrough. Since her first major show at T in The Park’s T Break stage just last year, Be Charlotte’s trajectory has skyrocketed.

Blessed with a naturally elastic, expressive vocal range, and possessing a preternatural ability with melody, Brimner crafts modern, witty, and irresistibly catchy indie-pop compositions. Incorporating spoken word, rap, and beatboxing alongside her beautifully lofty vocals, Be Charlotte songs combine traditional instruments with modern day audio technologies. The result is a rare glimpse of individuality and independence in a genre oversaturated with cookie-cutter pop vignettes.

“I don’t just want to write songs that are just about things for the sake of it, you know what I mean?” she muses. “Like pop music, people sing about things that I just don’t relate to, and I think, like, I never want to look back and think, ‘Why did I sing about that? I’ve never done that in my life.' For me, being younger, I’d listen to a lot of Kendrick Lamar. I love his music, but I couldn’t actually relate to anything he was talking about – it just wasn’t what I was up to as a 14 year-old girl in Dundee. “I just always want to write and gig and play songs that mean something to me, and that I can kind of share a message with people that is a bit different.
Whatever happens in my career, I’m always going to do that."

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